School Meals

Catering by PH7

PH7 Catering provides healthy school meal options to students. The mission is to improve children’s mindful eating by being entirely dedicated to catering to pupils throughout their whole school experience. PH7 love it when students enjoy their food and have fond memories of special school meals. That’s why PH7 work their hardest to create a tempting menu of international delights mixed with old favorites, set in themed days to lend cultural authenticity to each lunch time. Additionally, PH7 source the best quality snacks and beverages from their choice partners, to make school dining an enjoyable time with healthy perks!

Selections from the following items are incorporated into the lunch menu on a daily basis.

  • Healthy Snacks
  • Beverages: Juice, Milk, Water, Yoghurt
  • Main Course or Pasta Station
  • Desserts & Fruits

By signing up to the Meal Plan Option, parents can be free from worry about their children’s school meals. Just speak to the Parent Relations Executive to get more information. The subscription includes a Morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack and (optional) Late Snack - ensuring that all major food groups are included for a fully balanced day.


For more information on PH you can visit their website on