The Learning Framework

Our approach to teaching and learning...

Our unique learning approach at Little GEMS International, learning through inquiry based thinking, gives your child a head start in education. Our methodology develops the foundation for the three Rs as well as promoting the five Cs: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Care. It has been widely acknowledged that effective early childhood pedagogy for the 21st Century must support these five principles. At Little GEMS children engage in projects based on their existing knowledge, but we also provoke the children to think about and explore problems and challenges at a deeper level. Various studies have brought forward evidence that children learn more effectively when their thinking is being challenged through interactions that encourage the child to share their thoughts and ideas. Instead of the adult being the sole source of knowledge, at LGI children are encouraged to investigate problems within a learning community, engaging in meaningful interactions with adults, peers and also outside experts.

The Early Years Foundation Stage for England underpins our approach through the early years Principles; children need to learn through actively exploring, creating and critical thinking. In this way, children develop creative ideas and solutions. Hence, we plan activities that provoke children to find solutions, trigger exploration and discovery and ignite investigations. For example, you might find children investigating how to find Mr Camel who was lost in Dubai, how to keep a sleeping giant awake, how to build a Bedouin tent, what colours dinosaurs were, where creepy crawlies hide or how we can make paper fly.

Our learning environment is set up so that children can independently engage in hands-on, concrete and real life experiences. Research suggests that children’s communication and collaboration skills flourish better in well-structured environments. Every class has a variety of learning areas that support children in their holistic development, allowing children to develop their ideas, learn through trial and error and use all their senses to understand the world around them. Our Early Years Practitioners consistently observe the progress of the children which underpins their planning of next steps for each individual child.

Our innovative approach to learning through inquiry and investigations, promotes positive outcomes for all children, including English-language learners, children with special needs, and children who are gifted. We acknowledge that children come to us with a wealth of knowledge and skills that we build on. The lead during investigations is shared among peers and adults, allowing children to learn from each other, build on their strengths and acquire new skills and abilities. Tailor-made small group activities support specific skills to ensure continuous progress in all areas of learning. Our approach caters to all learning styles and focuses heavily on ‘how’ children learn.

We highly promote parental engagement and keep our parents updated daily with their child’s progress and outcomes which are well documented throughout the pre-school, communicated during pick up and drop off times as well as through parent teacher meetings, and our online learning journals.