Settling In

How do we support this?

When enrolling your child for the first time at nursery or pre-school, we understand how overwhelming it can be to entrust your most precious child with a new care giver. At Little GEMS we are committed to making the settling in process as smooth as possible by giving you and your child the time, attention and care that you require. As experienced and qualified Early Years professionals, many of whom are also mothers, we know that listening to our parents and children and keeping families up to date on a child’s state of wellbeing is hugely important to disperse anxiety and work in partnership.

We invite new families for play dates and hold orientation days at the beginning of the year for both children and parents. We also encourage new parents to speak to existing members of the community to answer any questions that they may have.  If separation anxiety is a concern, we invite our children in to stay and play for short periods with mum and dad before officially starting with us. Parents are invited into our rooms for settling in time each morning and to support their child in becoming familiar with the environment. Once the child forms a secure attachment with the staff, parents can begin leaving their child for longer periods until the child is settled and comfortable and fully enjoying their new and exciting environment.