Extra-curricular activities

Specialist classes to suit your little ones...

At Little GEMS we offer a range of Extra Curricular Activity classes to keep your little GEMS busy. Please see a list of classes below:


Swimming and Water Confidence

This is delivered by instructors from ESM who come to our pre-school each week.

Our swim classes create a fun and positive teaching environment that inspires all children to become confident safe swimmers who leave every lesson with a smile on their face having learnt something new. Lessons are offered after the pre-school programme at the end of the day. 



This is delivered by instructors from ESM who come to our pre-school each week.

ESM are an international sports management company governing all sports provision in schools and ensuring delivery of programmes are at a level of quality expected from the developed international norms. 

Through a combination of internally delivered sports and activities and externally governed providers, ESM sit as a premium sports coaching service which meets high standards expected from international and Emirati parents.

 Turning Pointe  


This is delivered by Turning Pointe instructors who come to our pre-school each week.  

Turning Pointe offers a wide choice of dance classes to suit all kinds of children. The most popular genre is Classical Ballet whihc is offered here at LGI.

Contact Details:

Tel: 800 DANCE (800 32623) & 800 BALLET (800 225538)

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.turningpointe.ae

Facebook: www.facebook.com/turningpointedubai

We also run the following activity classes which are delivered by our very own teaching team:

Art Ventures, Mini-Chefs, From Page to Stage, Wiggle, Giggle, Fit and Fun, Hula-Hooping, Speech and Language Support Class.