Extra-curricular activities

Specialist classes to suit your little ones...

At Little GEMS we offer a range of Extra Curricular Activity classes to keep your little GEMS busy. Please see a list of classes below:


Swimming and Water Confidence

This is delivered by instructors from Hamilton Aquatics who come to our pre-school 3 days per week.

Hamilton Aquatics create a fun and positive teaching environment that inspires all children to become confident safe swimmers who leave every lesson with a smile on their face having learnt something new. They offer lessons at Little Gems International Pre-school on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. For more information please email [email protected]



This is delivered by Academy Plus and takes place once per week from 3.15-4pm.

ESM are an international sports management company governing all sports provision in schools and ensuring delivery of programmes are at a level of quality expected from the developed international norms. 

Through a combination of internally delivered sports and activities and externally governed providers, ESM sit as a premium sports coaching service which meets high standards expected from international and Emirati parents.


French & Arabic

This is delivered by Baby Arabia and classes take place once per week, per language from 3.15-4pm. 

At Baby Arabia, foreign languages are introduced by a team of passionate and educated women who love to not only teach children but also to share their language and culture with others. In a positive and playful environment, our teachers work with parents and caregivers to help children enjoy the language learning process. 

Through singing, dancing, and play, children also build confidence and develop motor skills and coordination, all of which greatly enhances the learning process. 

Turning Pointe


This is delivered by Turning Pointe and takes place once per week from 3.15-4pm.

Turning Pointe offers a wide choice of dance classes to suit all kinds of children. The most popular genre is Classical Ballet that is offered here at LGI.

Contact Details:

Tel: 800 DANCE (800 32623) & 800 BALLET (800 225538)

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.turningpointe.ae

Facebook: www.facebook.com/turningpointedubai


We also run the following activity classes which are delivered by our very own teaching team:

Art Ventures, Mini-Chefs, From Page to Stage, Wiggle, Giggle, Fit and Fun, Hula-Hooping, Speech and Language Support Class.