Ensuring that each Gemstone meets your little ones needs...

Amethyst Section (0.8 - rising 2 year olds)

The amethyst gemstone is said to create clarity of thought and achievement of wisdom.

Our amethysts’ are our most inquisitive little learners, seeking knowledge and understanding in all they do. We provide warmth, guidance and ample opportunities for discovery.

Our Amethyst space is a cosy, safe and vibrant environment where care routines are based on those from home. Our youngest learners are given a range of opportunities to explore their surroundings, make connections and develop motor skills. Music, in the form of finger rhymes and action songs as well as lap games provide our Amethysts with social interactions and a chance to explore their bodies in relation to space, shape and others. Sensory play and messy play encourage our children to use all of their senses in their learning and provide lots of opportunity for talk.

Sapphire Section (1.8 - rising 3 year olds)

The sapphire is said to create peace and happiness.

Our Sapphire space invites children to explore themes and concepts through various resources and activities. Our well-structured classrooms promote learning with all senses. Children look, touch, see, smell and move. Children observe natural phenomena, start to engage with peers in socio dramatic play, explore the world of books and literature, take the first steps in the world of Information technology and ‘re-work’ their real life experiences in our role play areas. Direct access to the outdoor space ensures that children can follow their interests and balance their need for gross and fine motor movement. The high adult to child ratio allows the team to scaffold learning in each area and engage children through discussions and shared thinking.

Emerald Section (2.8 - rising 4 year olds)

The emerald is believed to promote self-knowledge and peaceful dreams, and helps you to achieve balance and patience.

Our Emeralds embark on their first stage of higher academic learning, the final stage of preparation before entering primary school. The year builds the bridge between FS1 at pre-school and FS2/KG1 at school. The Emerald space is continuously adapted to the ongoing investigations in each class and groups are well equipped with resources to explore the world of letters, sounds and numbers. Children are active partners in setting up the areas needed for their inquiries. In addition, the Emeralds space is by far not limited to the class rooms. Children are now ready to work in small groups throughout the day and venture out to use all areas within the pre-school. As the children begin to take pride in their learning, our team provides a higher emphasise on documenting the learning process and products of the children. Our children and early year’s practitioners reflect on their learning journeys by revisiting photos and notes on displays, discussing their progress during investigations and planning next steps.