Classes and Age Groups

Getting it right for your Little GEM...

In the early years of life, children are interested and curious about everything around them. Research shows us that your child’s early experiences are crucial to his/her development. At Little GEMS International, we know that the environment plays a key role in a child’s learning experience and so we ensure that ours is carefully designed to stimulate, nurture and excite your child. Our students are called gemstones as each child is unique, rare and has their own qualities and needs.

Our classes consist of the following:

Amethyst Section (0.8-rising 2 year olds)

We have 2 Amethyst classes.

Sapphire Section (1.8-rising 3 year olds)

We have 4 Sapphire classes.

Emeralds Section / Foundation Stage 1 (2.8-rising 4 year olds)

We have 6 Emerald classes.