We go the extra mile...

Food and nutrition

We offer a healthy and well balanced meal programme to all our Little GEMS consisting of morning snack, a hot lunch and a light snack in the afternoon. For those children who are not ready for meal plan, a healthy lunch can be sent from home. Our healthy eating policy encourages children to learn about food, the value of a balanced diet and includes hands on cooking activities in our junior kitchen.

Toilet independence

Every child is different and so toilet independence develops at different ages for our children. When a child displays signs that they are ready to lose the nappy or pull up, our staff work in partnership with our families to apply a consistent and positive approach to toilet independence.

Sleep and rest times

Sleep and rest times ensure that our gemstones are able to maintain the highest levels of health and wellbeing. Promotion of a healthy and nutritious lifestyle further reinforces the importance of overall wellbeing. For our Amethysts and Sapphires we highly recommend a daily nap after lunch. For our Emeralds, a rest period after lunch is encouraged.