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"My daughter has been at LGI for two years. I love the school because they have helped her become the confident inquirer that she is today. The teachers and staff are caring and design play based learning environments that support and challenge children’s development appropriately. I would highly recommended this nursery as an educator and a parent." - Sarah Shannon (Mother of Marley Voborsky - Emeralds 5)

"As a mom, and educator, I have a strong understanding of what learning environment I would like for my son.  Little GEMS International has truly exceeded all my expectations.  From the moment you walk into Little GEMS you feel a calm, loving, an academically rich setting.  The teachers truly build a sense of community that makes you feel like you are walking into a second home.  Similar to many families in Dubai, we arrived in August overwhelmed by the heat, exhaustion of the move, and the stresses settling in.  My son joined Little GEMS feeling insecure and struggled with his emotions.  Time did help our home life settle, but the staff at Little GEMS was calm and patient when my son was sad, or having a hard day.  I was so grateful for Ms. Neha's patience and love help my son through a tough transition or our new home. Our family's absolutely favorite part of Little GEMS is their project based learning.  The school has completed many units on topics including UAE, protecting the environment, art month, and the list goes on.  My son can't get enough of the school.  The learning is presented in a way that is both at the children's level, and pushes them to think further.  I could not recommend an educational philosophy more.  We have had such an incredible year of learning! Lastly, Little GEMS has helped my son grow his social and emotional intelligence.  Being a kind learner is emphasized, and the kindness is shown through example by the teachers and classroom aides, and administrators.  Children are taught how to realize how they are feeling and share their feelings and needs in healthy ways.  I have seen the benefits of this social emotional learning on our home life as well. My son is eager to help around the house, show his independent self-help skills, and go out of his way to be kind to his little sister.  We could not be grateful enough fro Little GEMS.  Although we re so sad to say goodbye soon and move on to KG1 and Dubai American Academy  can truly say that I know my son is prepared for the next stage of his learning adventure thanks to his fantastic year at Little GEMS." - Lindsey Helms (Mother of Levi Helms -  Emeralds 6)