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"We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Faculty and staff of LGI, Al Barsha for running such an outstanding establishment. Anika has thoroughly enjoyed her time at LGI and absolutely adores both her current class teacher Ms. Fahima and her Sapphires class teacher Ms. Saddaf. 

We thank the school for making the early years education such a positive experience for Anika. As she moves on to the next phase in her life, we are certain that she carries with her the enthusiasm and confidence that her teachers have helped her build."

Anupam and Baani Lakhina 

Parents of Anika Lakhina - Emeralds 6

“A big thank you to Hayam/Jessy, a bubble of positivity dealing with our incessant questions who I can safely say I've never seen without a smile on her face, including the times she had a cast on her leg. The service she provided on an admin level was always efficient, clear and positive. Miss Shirley on the front desk was also the epitome of patience when we tried to slither into the classrooms unnoticed or ask her to open the doors early (fyi, she never caved in).

Our youngest son Michael started at LGI in January, at the very young age of 1 year and five months. Although I was worried that it was much too young and we were nervous about putting him into a big classroom, I can tell you that all our concerns vanished by the end of his first week. The real proof of this is Mikey himself, who throughout the year would wait at the door and ask to go see Ms. Habiba even on weekends. Mikey has learnt so many songs, words, books and social skills during his time in amethysts 1 that he is a true testament to the patience and hard work of Ms. Habiba, Ms Aleesha and the rest of the team.

William, who is in the Emeralds 1 section with Ms. Vicky is the story of a boy who really wants to dislike school, but miss Vicky has come in and made it far too enjoyable for him to hold on to those ideas and outbursts. I attribute and credit his humor, new found confidence with children and adults outside the classroom and great politeness all to miss Vicky whose calm and individual approach to her students have won her many accolades from all of the Emeralds 1 mums. She has always been in control of the classroom and been in cahoots with students, making in classroom learning so enjoyable, fun and interactive.

Rami, William, Michael and I thank you all for making us feel safe, valued and part of the LGI family this year”

Souha Charbel

Mother of William and Michael - Emeralds 1 & Amethysts 1

“I am writing this message to express my heartfelt thanks to the full Little Gems team and in particular I would like to give a special note of thanks to Ms Neha Karia for the wonderful experience our son is currently having in Emeralds 3.

Ms Neha has demonstrated a high degree of professionalism while also being approachable and accommodating to our wishes. She is constantly proactive in communicating to us and promptly follows up on any discussions that we have had

As parents, it is very comforting to see that all the big things are in place for an enriching learning experience for our son. We are very happy and lucky that ms Neha is Omar's teacher.

Thank you and all the best to the outstanding LGI team.”

Mai and Ahmed

Parents of Omar Ismail - Emeralds 3