Parent Workshops

At Little GEMS we work with the whole family...

How to help my child become an early reader

Our Section Leaders will introduce our literacy programme and offer hints and tips on how best to support your child to develop early reading skills.

Positive Behaviour Management

Delivered by our Executive Principal, Jade Peter-Swain, this interactive workshop is designed to support parents in handling challenging behaviour with their little ones in a more positive way and avoiding those temper tantrums!

Raising Your Child's Confidence and Self Esteem

This workshop will encourage parents to see life from their little one's perspective and explore the adults role in sustaining high levels of self-esteem and self-reliance. How can adults build success into their toddlers life?

'Sometimes I need to cry and be angry!'
A parents’ workshop on helping children manage feelings and behavior with Dr Shola Faniran

Seeing our little ones cry or display anger, trying to resolve conflict and respond to another person with unwanted behaviour can at times be challenging. How do we as parents respond? How do we support whilst still allowing our children to manage their own feelings and behaviour?

Dr Shola Faniran shares how to support young children to manage feelings and behaviour. She provides information that will help us better understand the importance of children learning to deal with their emotions, from sadness to anger, from fear to frustration. Dr Shola provides hints and tips which parents can easily implement on a daily basis to help our children through small to big emotional experiences.

Introducing Makaton 

Ms Emanuela Breglia, BSc (SLT) MSc (SLCN), Specialist Speech and Language Therapist from Pure Child Health, gives parents an insight into the benefits of using Makaton for all children across the school and we will also show you a few signs that you could start using at home. 

Supporting Children's Independence 

Introducing the initiative called ‘I can…’. We have recently observed that an extensive amount of time is being spent on supporting children with self-help skills, such as putting on shoes, opening containers, feeding during mealtimes, etc.  We strongly believe that all our children have the potential to develop self-help skills. Mona Abdulrahim-Santl is the owner of Mind Your Power, a Holistic Consultancy Centre focused on the development of a mindset of wellbeing and positivity. During the session Ms Mona provides valuable parenting advice, particularly focused on emotionally intelligent communication to support our community in helping children become more independent and accessing self-help skills.

‘My child is Bilingual’

An invitation to meet and exchange experiences about the challenges of bringing up multilingual children. Ms Angela, Head of Pre-school presents an overview of commonly observed phenomena of bilingual language development and offers a Q&A session on the common myths and doubts parents may have around multilingual children.